90day/Zero-Cost Direct Driver Hire Option

A+Driver is a locally owned and operated company that specializes in providing pre-hire services of class A CDL drivers, to companies that have their own fleet. We do all pre-hire background checks; including previous employment verifications, MVR’s, DAC’S, Criminal, & DOT pre-hire and random drug screens. We also have several things that make us different from other staffing services. Services including:

  • After 90 days of full time placement of one of our drivers, our customers have the ability to hire our drivers at zero additional cost.

This gives our customers 90 days to confirm the driver has the work ethic they require, without guessing if a driver might work out after the customer has spent time and money to research the driver applicant. Because we release our drivers at 90 days, we get a better quality of driver due to the fact that they know they will be working full time not on and off like other staffing companies work their causal drivers. Once the driver proves he or she has the work ethic the customer is looking for, the staffing company will not stand in either the customer’s, or driver’s way when it comes time for the customer to hire the driver directly.

  • If there is any damage caused by one of our drivers we do take partial responsibility for those damages.

This ensures our customer that we are not just sending someone we can bill them for. We are sending a driver that we have done our due diligence on, and the driver is a safe and competent driver that will get the job done safely and efficiently. Most other driver staffing companies have their clients sign a “hold harmless clause” that basically states: Any damage caused by any driver the staffing company places with the customer, is not the fault of the staffing company and they take no responsibility for the unsafe actions or their drivers. This ensures the customer that when they get a driver from these services, all these staffing companies are looking for is someone they can bill them for, not someone who will do the job safely.

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